Tips for Buying Your First DSLR

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Buying your first DSLR can be quite overwhelming especially that there are several options to choose from. The tips below can help you out:

1. Ask yourself why you want a DSLR
Some people buy DSLR for wrong reasons so you have to be clear why you want an upgrade. I opted to shift my gear from a point and shoot to a DSLR because I wanted more flexibility, control over my photos, and I wanted to shoot better quality photos.

2. Familiarize yourself with common DSLR terminologies
When you shop around for a DSLR, you'll be confronted with technical terms. It'll be easier for you to make a choice if you have familiarize yourself with the basic DSLR terminologies. 

3. Narrow down your choices
There are several makers of DSLR cameras. Save yourself from confusion by narrowing down your choices to 2-3 makers and list down their entry-level cameras. 

4. Try it out
The best way to find out if the camera suits your needs is to try it out. So, visit a camera shop and try the top cameras in your list. 

5. Ask for experts' opinion
Save time by asking for experts' opinion. This can be done through reading forums, reading product reviews, or asking family or friends who have years of experience in using DSLR cameras. I've used this strategy before and it really helped me in choosing the right camera. 

Do you have more tips to share? 
Drop them in the comment box below! 


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