How to Pick the Right Cat Food

Although I grow up with cats as part of the household, I still make a lot of mistakes when it comes to picking the right food for my pet. Over the years, I learned that not all pet food are created the same. If you're a new pet owner, the following tips can help you in choosing for the right cat food:

1. Read the food label
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Learn to read the label. If it states that it contains a single ingredient, then the food must have 95% of that ingredient. For instance, if it claims to be made from beef, then it must be at least 95% beef and not of any other ingredient.

2. Check for protein source
Cats are carnivores. Their diet should be mainly comprised of meat. So aside from the ingredient proportion, make it a habit to check on the protein source. This could be chicken, beef, or fish.

3. Weigh the benefits of canned and dry food
The choice of choosing between canned and dry food is controversial. Some cat experts claimed that canned food works better for cats. There are also those who claimed that cats will do good on either canned or dry food.
Consider your options carefully.
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But generally, canned food contain more moisture than dry ones. This make canned goods a more suitable option for cats who rarely drink water or those that are dehydrated. However, if your cat has no problem with hydration, it can do well even with dry food.

4. Consider your cat's life stage
The nutritional adequacy statement in the food's label will usually indicate for which this food is good for. The food can be labeled as complete and balanced for all life stages while it may also specify a certain life stage like adulthood or for growing kittens. So make sure you read the label carefully to match the food to your cat's current life stage.

5. Ask help from your vet
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Each time you visit your cat's vet, ask him/her to do a body condition analysis of your pet. And ask him/her of his/her feeding recommendation for your cat. Cats who are undernourished have different nutritional needs to those who are overweight.

Do you have more tips to share?

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