Strategies for Naming Your Photography Business

It’s no doubt that photography is one of the most lucrative businesses these days. With the growing number of photography enthusiasts jumping into entrepreneurship, it’s the competition that will be your toughest opponent. However, there are several ways to stand out. 

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One of which is to generate a name for your photography business. If this is your first time to do this, then here are the best strategies that can help in generating names of photography businesses:
1.       Go back in history
The camera has come a long way. What used to be a bulky and complicated piece of technology has now morphed into several varieties. One of the best things brought about by this revolution is the list of names in camera history that you can use for naming your photography business. You may consider names such as Lumen, Camera obscura, or Perspectiva.
2.       Be creative with colors
If writers deal with words then photographers usually deal with colors. So, why not use them for your business’ advantage? When using colors for naming your business, skip the usual hues of black and gray; experiment instead of other colors. You may try using silver, sepia, aqua, fuchsia, or be more creative by combining two colors in naming your business.
3.       Experiment with adjectives
Have you observed how words become more interesting when put together? That’s what adjectives do to usual nouns such as lens and camera. Add uniqueness to your business’ name and increase your chances of getting known by using adjectives to name your business. Just a piece of advice though, avoid too wordy adjectives.
4.       Make something up
Naming a business is no joke. Some people have to spend the entire weekend just to come up with a name that suits their business. There are even companies out there who hire professional writers to help them come up with a good-sounding name. If you find yourself in the situation but can’t afford to hire someone, then why not make something up? Yes, that’s right. It means being original and coming up with new words for your business name.

5.       Use your own name
Browse as many photography businesses as you can and you will realize that among the common strategies used by entrepreneurs coming up with names of photography businesses is by using their own name. If you run out of ideas but still wanted the personal approach in naming a business, then you may use this trick.

Names of  photography businesses may not be the key towards the success or failure in one’s photography business but coming up with a good one helps in marketing. It’s not a surefire way of succeeding in the photography business but it boosts the chances of getting known. So, spend time thinking of a good photography business name. It may be tedious but it’s worth it.

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