Healthy Snack Alternatives

People look surprised when I tell them that I love to eat. In fact, I eat more than five times in a day. What probably sets me apart from frequent eaters out there is that I choose my food well. I just don't munch any stuff. I see to it that the food I eat has good nutritive value and has no (as possible) added sugar. Below are some of my favorite healthy snack alternatives:


The secret for healthy snacking is to get rid of unhealthy stuff in the pantry. So that includes removing the savory BUT unhealthy potato chips. When craving for something crunchy and/or salty, I reach out for almonds. It's heart-healthy and a good source of protein (just limit yourself though to a handful of this). 


This is another healthy go-to snack whenever I'm craving for something salty.


If I'll go back to my eating habits a few years ago, I could have probably shook my head in disbelief. I'm one unhealthy eater. I can go for hours watching a movie while munching my favorite potato chips with its salty/sugary dip.  

When I decided to make a change in my lifestyle, I found a healthier alternative to fat-laden dips - hummus. It may take a while to get used to the taste but once you do, you'll find yourself craving for it than mayo or salsa (weird but true!). 


Forget the chocolate dip. They taste better without it (trust me). This is a perfect alternative whenever you crave for something sweet. A small bowl (around 3-5 pieces) of these berries is enough to satisfy my sweet tooth. 


When it's warm outside and my taste buds are craving for something cold and tangy, I go and grab a yogurt. I usually opt for a plain one and just top it off with fruits. 

How about you? What are your favorite healthy snack alternatives?  

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